My Dad, Joe, left his family farm in Ft Lauderdale in 1924 on a Henderson with 2 of his brothers. They were headed to Texas where they were told there were jobs.  They had $13.00 and a tool kit. I remember my Dad telling me they worked for food and gas. Many nights they slept under bridges and railroad trestles.  Needless to say, there was no bag of gold waiting for them in Texas.

My dad, Joe wore many hats in his life but in the late 1940’s he started making jewelry on the side, while working as a pilot.  As I grew up, the Jewelry business continued to grow, but, my Dad’s love was bikes first, and he bought my brother and me a Honda QA50 in 1969. The bikes got larger as we grew up.  My Dad taught me to love bikes and respect Bikers.  He also taught me to love jewelry.

We pride ourselves on working for the biker community in all its many facets. Over the years we have grown to cater to over 60 Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs and Associations.  Our insight into the community allows us to work with everyone and respect our customers.

Our shop is in middle Tennessee and every piece is handmade by us.  We have a huge range of Biker Jewelry and will happily work with you to create a special piece for you.  Send us your ideas and we can create it for you.